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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

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Establishing Korea as a force to reckon with in the global ICT industry

Accelerating international cooperation through the global network
  • Multilateral network: ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization), WITSA (World information Technology and Services Alliance)
  • Bilateral network: TechAmerica (US), JISA (Japan), ITAC (Canada), NASSCOM (India), etc.
  • G20ICT Policy Network
Encouraging ICT companies to pursue overseas expansion and globalization
  • Creating and disseminating market information
  • Participating in overseas exhibitions and organizing Korean Pavilions
  • Managing joint overseas marketing Program for ICT companies
  • Working closely with international organizations for freer trade and easier flow and development of human resources in the ICT sector
  • Strengthening Korea-India cooperation in software (organizing the Korea-India SW Business Forum and Council for Korea-India SW companies)
Research & Survey
  • Presenting the vision and direction for the future ICT industry
Proposing policy agendas on ICT to the government and industry
  • Organizing the “IT policy Forum” to develop and Propose policy agendas
  • Collecting Opinions form the industry through “Advisory Group for ICT Policy”
Forecasting the rapidly changing ICT market and its environment
  • Helping members make sound Business decisions by providing useful information through ”Issue Report” and “Premium IT Newsletter”, Publications that are released regularly
  • Disseminating the relevant statistics and data to companies
Exploring and creating new businesses for members
  • Conducting feasibility studies to help members create new businesses
  • Carrying out research to find economic growth engines in the convergence era