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Cultivating competitive ICT leaders

Managing the ICT Mentoring project, an industry-academe collaboration project

Fostering core human resources through the ICT Mentoring project designed by ICT Mentor

ICT Mentoring
  • Industry-academe collaboration model to encourage mentors (more than 5 years’ working experience), professors, and students (mentee) to work together
On-Offline Mentoring (ICT internship)
  • New type if internship model designed for enhancing pre-internship training (basic literacy education, major practical training) and employment

Fostering ICT professionals through a variety of education programs

Nurturing professionals via various training and education programs such as incumbent training programs, tailored education for workers, science and engineering training program for the unemployed, etc.

Main Courses
  • CIO academy, ICT strategy consultant course, Next-generation ICT professional course
  • Smart phone programming- based android course, New business strategy / development course, SLA&ITSM strategy course
Training program designed for corporations
  • With more than 300 experienced lecturers, FKII organizes special training programs aimed at satisfying corporations requiring tailored training programs