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Chief Information Officers’ Forum of Korea

Korea CIO

Founded in 1997, the Korea CIO Forum has grown into the most influential CIO community in Korea with members numbering approximately 700.

Main Activities
  • Organizing regular and special seminars designed to capture new trends in the market and foster business information-sharing among members
  • Inviting leading global figures for regular and special lectures (organizing more than 150 meeting as of 2010)
  • Presenting the “CIO of the year: Award
  • Recognizing the best CIO who contribute to informatization
  • Regarded as the most Prestigious award for CIOs
  • Providing news and information to CIOs
  • Conducting research and surveys on the role of CIO and ICT investment
  • Publishing the “CIO Guidebook”, “CIO Annual Report”, “Global CIO Survey”
  • Providing the latest information on management and ICT